I wonder if anyone is going to make clothes that fit the puppy kemono boobs….

Unless Puppy releases a aproximate shape for them (the mesh model), making clothing to fit them specifically will be guesswork with possible clipping sadly.

I highly doubt she makes clothing for it. 

Atleast BB/MM has made a bra for theres…heres to hoping they make more things for it (sorry but BB/MM’s tits look way better to me…and they dont have seams out the ass)

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tags: Second life + SL + Keaton mod + Kemono Avatar +
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So, I just had a guy try to add me as a Friend on SL…then proceed to jump my ass because I would not give him my skin textures from my mods. Apparently me telling someone “I dont give out my skin texture” is me being Rude? As well as me being Lazy? he threatened to “make better textures” for some stupid ass Muscle thing.

Fair warning to anyone who makes mods, Dont deal with Skorksis Avro

I’d post the Chatlog…but its against the Tumblr TOS and I’d rather not get banned for stupid shit

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Where can I find these pants? O:

I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner! I’m glad you found them at least but just wanted to apologize for not seeing this.

(and yes, the pants are ONLY in world, in that shop)

Its all good x3 I managed to find em. Thanks anyway C: