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» Second Life Discussion- Object Rights.



We need to start being more vigilant as a consumer base and demand that hair designers STOP making hair no mod.
This is a problem with a lot of hair designers that cause them to lose customers. I would suggest, business owner to business owner, consumer to consumer, that they consider changing this in the future. I am hoping that it will happen, but until then, I will refrain from buying. No hard feelings, and No offense. But people who want to tint their hair a different color than what you offer, (unnatural tones, darker, lighter, glow for ethereal avatars, redder, and all the colors you do not offer) will also tell you that the no mod thing is unsatisfactory. it SUCKS. It just makes your product less versatile, limits the options, and frustrates your consumer base.

If someone is going to rip and steal your mesh, it does not hamper any progress making the hair no mod.

you know what? this applies to a lot more than hair. It applies to almost every clothing piece and accessory. It’s unnecessary.

I buy almost everything in white so i can recolor it if necessary. I know a lot of people who also do the same thing.

Do you agree? What thoughts do you have on this?
And if I started a petition, would you sign?
Please, only constructive comments here. :D

There are many groups in second-life who proudly claim that ‘if you cannot modify it, you do not own it’. I’ve also seen many nice (though ‘gorean’) stores, with all their furs, furnitures and foliage, being no copy as well. So many items I’ve wanted, but did not, due to permissions, every single day.

It’s astonishing that copy-mod-no-transfer isn’t the default for everything. What should be no copy? Gachas, probably. No mod? Scripts, if they wish. Otherwise.. there’s zero reason for either of these to be so common, it’s almost disgusting. 

About copybotting.. I’ve known many, many people who copybot items just to tint them a little. Or to remove or add on or even adjust a part. That’s all they wanted. 

I’ve even asked one hair designer before why they had no-modify.. they treated it like it was their artwork, that they must get their name out there, keep the label on their things. I’ve seen far, far more copybotted versions of their hair than real ones. 

I’ve also ranted on the no-modify subject before, and someone had told me, it was because ‘you should buy the template if you want to mod it’. As if everything in SL was a mesh prefab! 

I don’t think a petition would do much, when every designer is a single person on their own who is unlikely to even know about such a petition, but.. it’s still a heavy shame.



I wonder if anyone is going to make clothes that fit the puppy kemono boobs….

Unless Puppy releases a aproximate shape for them (the mesh model), making clothing to fit them specifically will be guesswork with possible clipping sadly.

I highly doubt she makes clothing for it. 

Atleast BB/MM has made a bra for theres…heres to hoping they make more things for it (sorry but BB/MM’s tits look way better to me…and they dont have seams out the ass)

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